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Déjà Vu Projections

The truly self-financed guerrilla shorts by a pack of filmmakers chasing in and around their beloved Turin Area

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You can't hide the truth any longer

A shattering event helps Hazel to eventually stop hiding the truth to herself. In the ancient Greek dramas, complex situations were often solved by bringing an actor - playing a god - onto the stage from above, using a crane called mēkhanē.

During 2013, Mekhane has been admitted to the

Even though it is a truly self financed guerrilla short film, Mēkhanē is ruled by special effects and that has made it quite challenging to shoot with a very low budget in slightly more than a single day: careful acting and cinematography were essential, as was the principal photography project.

Mēkhanē is the second short film written and directed by Carlo Perassi.

Mēkhanē is © 2012 by Carlo Perassi and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

  • A short by Carlo Perassi
  • Starring Lia Tomatis
  • Editing and VFX by Massimo Rossi
  • Cinematography Fabrizio Pegoraro
  • Composer Matteo Rignanese
  • Produced by Carlo Perassi and Co-produced by Massimo Rossi

Music: GFRProduzioninmusica; Music Producer: Gabriele Facciorusso; Camera: Luca Travaglini; Night-lapse: Massimo Tosco; Boom: Alberto Camponogara; Make-up: Eleonora Piccato; Poster: Fabio Ramiro Rossin; NGC7000: Gianni Cerrato; Stills: Matteo Rosso & Davide Posenato; Foley Artists: Cfork, Benboncan, Johan Brodd, Klankbeeld, Marco Marchetti, Noisecollector & Rutger Muller; Lighting: Liquid Gate Studio snc & Ouvert Srl; Asst-compositors: Diego Fatone & Luigi Naro; Mekhane: Marc Kreimer; English: Vivien Bamforth & Claudio Bonetto; Brain Catalog thanks to Drew Berry, Mark Ellisman, Lee Hornbrook, Stephen Larson & Michele Mattioni.

Release date: October 2012; Running time: 7'00"; Country: Italy; Language: Italian with English subtitles; Format: Anamorphic 2.39:1 & Dolby Digital 5.1.

Special thanks to Mobilificio Griva.

Thanks to Alessandro Battezzati, Piera Bessone, Marianna Carrera, Laura Comoglio, Cristiano Cucco, Silvia Griva, Paolo Manca, Antonio Marzotto, Ronal Mirabile, Leonardo Orazi, Ana Maria Paz Franchini, Maurizio Peisino, Enrico Perassi, Marco Porello, Luciano Urietti, Alessandra Varallo & Nicola Zucca.

Shooting a take of the most meaningful shot to play, I noticed the actress was really crying, though I hadn't asked her to do it: realizing how she was actually giving all her soul, an incredible, unexpected emotion arouse in all of us.

Director's Statement

Copyright © 2012 by Carlo Perassi