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Déjà Vu Projections

The truly self-financed guerrilla shorts by a pack of filmmakers chasing in and around their beloved Turin Area

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Déjà Vu

When sweethearts live apart, dreams and reality are mixed together

Déjà Vu is the story of a LAT (Living Apart Together) couple of our time: being in love, their dreams and reality are always connected in some way but when they have the chance to share the same apartment, things start changing. They really don't know the reason of such a crisis: their thoughts don't meet up anymore until the end, when it's too late.

During 2012, Déjà Vu has been screened on Coming Soon Television (Italy) and it has been admitted to the

The film is also available in Italian.

Déjà Vu was filmed in Turin during fifteen hours on Sunday 16th October 2011, set in a contemporary flat and in a wonderful industrial archaeological park nearby.

Déjà Vu is the first short film written and directed by Carlo Perassi.

Déjà Vu is © 2011 - 2012 by Carlo Perassi and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Unit Still Photographer: Massimo Rossi; Camera Operator: Edoardo Bartoccetti; Camera Assistant: Lorenzo De Marchi; SteadyCam Operator: Massimo Rossi; Compositing Assistant: Luigi Naro; Colorist: Massimo Rossi; Production Sound Mixer: Gian Nicola Beraldo; Italian Voice Over Recording: Renato Giannattasio - DRSound Studio; Freesound Foley Artists: Tommaso Berardocco, Robert Gacek (FX Pro Sound), Damien Hansen-Devaux, Richard Humphries (Takoma Park Media Group Inc), Tim Kahn and klankbeeld; Red One Camera and Lighting: Salt & Lemon Srl; Make-up Artist: Roberta Lucatorto; English Proofreading: Vivien Bamforth and Piero 'Ali' Passatore; Italian Proofreading: Massimo Rossi; Graphic Designer: Luca Goria; Flat: Carlo Corda and Nunzia Diaferio.

Release date: January 2012; Running time: 5m26s minutes; Country: Italy; Language: English.

Thanks to Alessandro Battezzati, Paolo Bruna, Cristiano Cucco, Paolo Manca, Giuseppe Mandarà and Ana Maria Paz Franchini.

Thanks also to Massimo Barbieri (Post-production of the portraits of Alessandra and Piero on this website) and Maurizio Peisino (ImageMagick tricks).

The idea of this short came up in August. Then we filmed it on October 16th and its post production ended in December. The whole period was one of the hardest times of my life.

The original story described more traditional locations: a 19th Century house and a classical urban park. But I changed my mind after having seen such a beautiful contemporary flat and the wonderful industrial archaeological park nearby. The landscape of Turin is so unusual and the idea of a girl running among huge orange-painted steel pillars is much more interesting than the classical scene of her walking fast amidst the trees of a European public park.

Director's Statement

Copyright © 2011 by Carlo Perassi