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Déjà Vu Projections

The truly self-financed guerrilla shorts by a pack of filmmakers chasing in and around their beloved Turin Area

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How far would you go to become a mother?

A couple, still without the child they'd like to have, wake up after the first night in their new home and...

During 2013/2014, Hospes has been admitted to

Hospes is distributed by Gonella Productions.

You can also watch its trailer and selected stills.

In Latin, "Hospĕs" means both guest and host.

Hospĕs is the third short film written and directed by Carlo Perassi.

Produced by Carlo Perassi and Co-produced by Massimo Rossi; Production Assistant: Fabio Padovan; Poster: Chiara Leanza; Singers: Giulia Rossetti & Caterina Battaglino; Music Studio: Musicando Edizioni Musicali Snc; Make-Up & Stills: Erika Bertello & Roberta Zamboni; Premises: Piera Bessone.

Completed: September 2013; Running time: 9'04"; Country: Italy; Language: Italian with English subtitles; Format: Anamorphic 2.39:1.

Thanks To Vivien Bamforth, Giovanni Battaglino, Marco Belli, Claudio Bonetto, Max Brizio, Luca Busnengo, Maxì Dejoie, Riccardo De Leo, Massimo Frairia, Sara Molinaro, Enrico Perassi, Davide Posenato, Andrea Scaglione, Lia Tomatis, Massimo Vavassori, Luca Vigliani & Barbara Zennaro.

During the three days of shooting, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the photography, of the adult actors and, amazingly, of the little girl: her acting was well above the average.

Director's Statement

Copyright © 2013 by Carlo Perassi